Installation requirements and precautions for clamps

Clamps are used to connect grooved pipe fittings, valves and pipe fittings. It is used to tighten the quick couplings to act as a tightening band.
Installation requirements for clamps:
1. The material and performance of the sealing ring must meet the requirements. The sealing surface has no bubbles, impurities, cracks, uneven unevenness, and aging rubber rings cannot be used.
2. The end pipe diameter size should be selected as a positive deviation. Otherwise, the clamping force of the clamp on the sealing ring will be insufficient, and the sealing effect of the joint will be affected.
Precautions for clamp installation:
1. Control the distance L between the clamp ring and the end pipe. The L control should be used in conjunction with the manual. If the gap between the two ends of the pipe is the smallest, the snap ring should just hit the slope.
2. Impurities splashed from the end pipe and welding of the snap ring will affect the end pipe seal. Before installation, the welding slag on the sealing surface must be removed to ensure the sealing effect.
3. After determining the snap ring, the gap between the ends of the two pipes will be calculated according to the elongation of the pipe and the ambient temperature during the construction process. During the construction period, the size deviation must be guaranteed.


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Post time: Dec-11-2020
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