• Post time: Sep-16-2019

    On February 11, 2017 at four o ‘clock in the afternoon , the company held the 2017 annual party in the company’s great hall. The theme of this party is to thank all of you, create a brighter future with you.     We all enjoyed this joyful gathering moment. Following was the exciting lucky ...Read more »

  • Post time: Sep-15-2019

    We participated in the TAIPEL AMPA from April 6th to 9th, 2016. This was a really big party. It provided a good platform toward a two-way communication process. We treasured every opportunity to meet our valued customers all over the world. Our company had set up a booth and displayed our main f...Read more »

  • In MMXV, ver tribuisti pars ad vesperam
    Post tempus, Nov-21-2017

    Die Februarii XI, MMXV ad quattuor o, horologium in diei societatis tenuit in MMXV ver tribuisti vespere pars, loco et magnae praetorium societatis Track partium per negotii administrationis department praefecti Li Huiping præerat productio, vicarius generalis procurator Dominus...Read more »

  • Post tempus, Nov-21-2017

    16:00 In die May 6th, MMXIV, Ningbo, Hangzhou, duodecim de camera commercii Praeses in officio tenuit Ningbo Tractatus foederis Co, Ltd Lan Domus, ut telephoto Ming, praeses de Feng Wei, Xie Guorong, Dongxu Ming , Bao Shili et Board of supervisores Shenpei Rong, Secretarius-Generalis J ...Read more »

  • Post tempus, Nov-21-2017

    April XXIX, MMXIV per camera commercii et Tongxiang pictorem Jiaxing Association scriptor "tres lineas - Shen Wei, Chen Xueming, Zhou Minghua 'pictura exhibitionem, tenendum ad tympanum turrim turrim. Res opus est inducere ad aims duorum artists, et spero per f ...Read more »

  • Post tempus, Nov-21-2017

    Mane Aprilis XXV et Secretarius Generalis, de Ningbo urbem Aliens directe in Salon tertia camera commercii camera commercii hosted per Quzhou, tenendum ad camera commercii membrum societates Quzhou, Quzhou fera pisces tabernam Siming Road. Sharon participare in hac camera ... Hangzhou et WenzhouRead more »

  • Post tempus, Nov-21-2017

    April XXIV, MMXIV post meridiem, et versus MMXIV - Ningbo, Tianjin Waibu investment in foro cooperante Ningbo Jing De Misericordiae. Secretarius Generalis, de camera commercii Jiang Yong Lan Attendi, et dispositum est ab Coke et Tianjin, vicarium inspector, Tianjin ad imperium principes promote SME developme ...Read more »

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